Lovely People

I practically live on social media. Instead of Twitter’s slightly cringey weekly “Follow-Fridays”, I thought I’d list some of my favourite people here…

  • Charlotte (@DuchessOChutney) One of my oldest and dearest friends. Works at a London museum with pretty things, and the odd stuffed walrus
  • Hannah (@HannahCostigan) Regional hack turned broadcaster. Had the dubious pleasure of knowing me through both undergrad and postgrad, and living with me for a while
  • Pete (@PWGTennant) One of the warmest, funniest and most insightful people I met at university, and boyfriend to the loveliest woman not on Twitter. Blogs/tweets about mental health and science. Part-inspiration for my running.
  • Elizabeth Anne (@arcadiaego) The most avid reader and best live-tweeter of films and TV you will ever come across in life
  • Ang (@AngelineBAdams) Fabulously kind, generous and interesting friend, and brilliant writer; as is her boyfriend @rawvans, who is also a great artist and drew the portrait of me at the top of this blog
  • Giraffe on a Stick/GOAS (@giraffeonastick) Has read my blogs/fixed my IT problems since I was an angsty sixth-former, when a ‘blog’ was barely a thing, and still likes me. Enough said
  • Lotte (@laraloola) Ditto. Stats monkey, blogger, keen photographer, mummy to a mini Julian Cope impersonator and bride-to-be who I am bridesmaiding for in 2016.
  • Maria (@maria_suilee) Indy bookshop owner, feminist, clever clogs (actually went to Cambridge…!) Wonder Stuff fan and massive sweetie
  • Rachel England (@Rachel_England), Kaite Welsh (@kaitewelsh), Amy Fallon (@amyfallon), Laura Swinton (@LauraSwinton) Fabulous freelance writers
  • Cathryn (@llincathryn) Llinos or Cathryn depending which side of the Welsh border you’re on. Great short-story writer and sub
  • Louise (@lou_brailey) Envy-inducing Berlin resident and music writer. Only person I can jabber about early-90s piano house to and not get an “Eh?”
  • Deborah Dooley (@retreatsforyou) Runs the best writers retreat in the land
  • Nicola Morgan (@nicolamorgan) Runs a literary consultancy and gives great advice to writers
  • Rae Earl (@RaeEarl) Writer and broadcaster. Author of the book and hit TV series My Mad Fat Diary. One of the funniest and loveliest people you could ever hope to meet (Or have phone you at 6am from Australia…)
  • Nell Frizzell (@nellfrizzell) Another funny writer who moves in vaguely the same circles as me but is a bit cooler
  • Fleet Street Fox (@fleetstreetfox) Freelance tabloid hack with a well-known media blog and book. When I agree with her, she’s really bang on
  • Jason (@Eireinthecity) Very funny Irish expat living in London. We finally met recently, having witted at each other a thousand times a day on Twitter for ages (NB: No, mum, I’m the wrong gender…)
  • Mic Wright (@brokenbottleboy) Talented writer who writes with more feeling and candour than almost any bloke I’ve ever read
  • @RopesToInfinity and @PrimlyStable Funny and sweary observers of media and politics. Sample tweet by @RopesToInfinity: “I’ve done the sums and sadly the universe is not big enough for Cristina Odone to ever fuck off quite as far as I’d like.”
  • Karen Drury (@karencdrury) Shout-tweets along with me at Question Time and Newsnight
  • Melanie (@mgerlis) Art writer and friend of-a-friend – to put it succinctly –  who I stumbled upon on Twitter. By happy coincidence, probably one of the nicest people who actually lives near me, to boot. Her colleague Henrietta (@HCA_Bentall) is a recent and welcome addition to the Twitter fold
  • Asa (@AsaWinstanley) Used to work where I used to work, now into worthier pursuits. Investigative journalist mainly covering Palestine
  • Col @the_loon_clutters Warm-hearted football-mad mancunian (of the sky blue not red persuasion), and mutual Tori Amos nerd
  • Vicky (@bethlehemballet) Writer, academic, campaigner and support worker, dividing her time between England and Bethlehem. An inspiration on many levels
  • A special mention to two late friends, who have left the saddest of holes in my Twitter feed.