About Me

Artist’s impression  [Credit: Rem V.S]
Short version: Hello. I write and run a lot.

Long version: I was born in 1984 in the week Frankie Goes To Hollywood were at number one with Two Tribes. I stand somewhere on the awkward “too young for the Iron Curtain; too old for Harry Potter” bridge between Generation X and Millennial (although my mum grew up in East Germany, and some of my same-age friends are Potter superfans who read the first book in their early teens, so I know enough about both to get by…).

I’m a writer and owner of Genuine Copy, a speaker/trainer, and a former charity trustee. I’ve written for national papers, and been a runner-up in a million writing and journalism contests/schemes. As a copywriter and proofreader, I specialise in making boring and complicated things sound less so. If you need someone to explain microfinancing or equity-based crowdfunding in a way that doesn’t sound like Kryten from Red Dwarf wrote it, I’m your woman. I also train businesses and organisations in dyspraxia awareness, particularly in relation to mental health.

My favourite places in the world are, in no order, Berlin, Durham, Dorset (bits of), Hampshire (bits of), Oxford and London. I don’t currently live in any of them, and probably never will unless I trip over a stray couple of million pounds. There was a vague idea once, to move to Berlin, preferably having become rich or lovesick enough that nothing could scare me anymore, but what would I write about if life were that simple? I’m interested in UK media and politics, theatre, psychology, modern European history, Germany, music, comedy, and all the 90s soaps and sitcoms YouTube can throw at me. These are assorted things I like. These are assorted people I like, in life and/or on Twitter.

When not writing something or speaking somewhere, I can be found getting riled or excited on social media (often about organisations that use words well or badly), travelling on the Bakerloo Line, shouting at Question Time or thinking about where to move to next. I’ve been likened to “a young Meryl Streep” (by an American tourist), Mattie Storin from the original House Of Cards (by a friend) and Veronica Mars, (by a really great friend).  Another really great friend once said I was the funniest person in the world after Linda Smith. Sadly he wasn’t the editor of a big-budget publication, and even more sadly he’s no longer alive, but I’ll never forget it, or him.

As this blog’s name suggests, I’m prone to insomnia. While I manage it infinitely better than I used to, I lapse back into its familiar clutches at certain times, requiring a concerted effort to escape. If putting the world to rights by text message whilst juggling Made In Japan with Newsnight is your thing, the kindest things you can probably do for me are stay out of my life or encourage me to get to sleep…