2016 resolutions/goals/whatever

These are probably some of the most succinct but hardest I’ve ever made…

  • Run the London Marathon. Train well, eat well, don’t break a leg, etc. Oh, and raise £1,750 for Mind.
  • Make some very firm, very important career decisions. Work’s been great lately but only just recently – the years my business should have been growing have largely been spent dealing with horrible things. It could still take years for it to be good enough and I don’t have the patience or the time to wait much longer. Basically, I need to be firm that it needs to be at a certain point within the next six months or else I’ll look for a permanent job again. My view of education is based on my best teachers and lecturers, not worst. My view of employment is based on my worst boss, which seems a shame.
  • Encourage directness in other people. The single-biggest stress in my life (unrelated to me having butter for fingers and the short-term memory of a plankton…) is people who avoid me and hide behind excuses instead of being upfront when they don’t know how to talk to me or would rather not talk about a certain subject. It seems to be difficult for most people to understand that I prefer to be told things like this directly than made to read between the lines. I don’t know that this’ll ever change, bearing in mind I’m English (well, half English…) and that’s not how we do things here. But I wish it would.
  • Finish the new book. It’s very sad that life got in the way of my previous book but very satisfying that it pointed me in a better direction.
  • Stay away from social media after terrorist attacks, major atrocities etc. Or any other big news event where the loudest noise is made by the unaffected/ill-informed.
  • Actually SEE people I live/work within an hour of but only ever see on social media Can’t really set this as a resolution since it’s down to them as much as me, but anyway.
  • Fall in love under circumstances that aren’t horrendously painful/awkward/inconvenient.* Or, if I can’t manage that, think of something else to occupy me for the next thirty years while everyone else is doing it. All the older singles I’ve ever known are married to their work and the work I can do doesn’t pay enough to be married to…

*”Oh, but falling in love is always awkward and inconvenient,” say friends. I know that, but there’s a spectrum and I’ve spent most of my adult life at the top of one end…


UPDATE: Words I would happily see banned in 2016. “Detox.” (and similar pseudo-medical bunk. Obviously), “Signal-boosting” (most used by awful narcissists making platforms for themselves out of struggles that aren’t theirs), “Type A” (the new brand name for “obnoxious”). “Toxic Person.” (a dismissal of someone with understandable human responses to difficult experiences. Or, just a horrible person).


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