November, you were truly sweet

So, having been dreading it since, well, since last November, the rest of this November lived up to its strong start. I’ve worked back to back for fast payers, done speaking engagements and training at different ends of the country, planned another photoshoot, taken the first steps to having the sorts of conversations I wanted and didn’t get to have this time last year, and been treated to a luscious pre-Christmas meal at Ottolenghi’s by one of my best friends. I’ve done my first early and enjoyable Christmas shop since 2011 and my 60th birthday present to my mum is so splendid I’m struggling to keep it a secret until December 21st. It’s also darkly funny in ways only some mums can appreciate…

In very big news, my London Marathon sponsorship page is now up and I would be super-overjoyed if you’d sponsor me. I said I wouldn’t be tarting it around the media too much because Marathon stories are ten-a-penny, I’ll probably be too knackered and it’ll be part of the wider memoir I’m trying to write anyway.  But I’m doing something modest for my uni’s alumni magazine, and I may do something on running and dyspraxia for a fitness magazine. I’ve told Mind they can use me for their own publicity bits if they want, as long as we’re careful with names. And I applied to be one of the six marathon bloggers for the official website.  So, tarting it around just a bit then…

There are, as usual, Schemes I Can’t Talk About afoot but one of them would be genuinely life-changing if it happened. It may or may not, but I have had a November which was not only better than last year but the best I can remember for several, and I just wanted to have a little happy shout about that…

November’s arse; truly kicked.


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