Pics in the park

So, a friend recently said my life could do with a bit more fun. This is true. In the way that George Osborne’s could do with a bit more humility. Said friend was at primary school with me, is a fellow member of the Moved Back Due To Awkward Circumstances club and – like many lovely people I’d lost touch with – sent me a kind and supportive message this time last year. Until this summer, I hadn’t seen him in nearly 20 years but we’ve started hanging out quite a bit due to shared interests and a shared love of arsing around on Twitter, which is how I meet most new people these days. Actually getting to see them in person more than twice a year is a bonus… He’s also a keen photographer. When he mentioned this recently and posted some of his shoots on Facebook it reminded me I’d been meaning to get some headshots done for a while because conferences (and The Guardian…) are still using the one my dad took with his travel camera in 2010 in which I have a helpful Myra Hindley bob.

Armed with a brief of “make me look professional but relaxed and not terrifying”, we headed to Hughenden Park. Unhelpfully it looked as though it was going to bucket with rain all day (England in November; who’d have thought?) I’d had the worst week of insomnia since last November’s hideousness, and the worst outbreak of spots around my chin I’ve experienced this century (cue frantic Googling of skincare advice for 15-year-olds). Even a truckload of concealer couldn’t quite rescue me enough for colour close-ups, so so most of the pics had to be black and white.

Luckily, the rain stayed away long enough for us to shoot. And the results were fab. I look vaguely like Kate Winslet, which I tend to in my best photos, as opposed to vaguely like David Mellor which I tend to in my worst.  Apparently I take direction very well. I also apologise too much. I’m English, a woman, dyspraxic and prone to wearing hand-me-downs whenever I have to look smart, so that’s a given. But it was a blast. Relaxed and easy, with lots of laughter and innuendo* and yes, the most fun I’ve had in a while. I look forward to another. My insomnia is still horrible but at least it doesn’t show…

*For the avoidance of doubt, he’s happily attached and his girlfriend knows about all this. Also, there were a lot of jokes and puns about shooting and being shot which look highly unfortunate in the light of what happened in Paris a few hours later. Thanks to the friend who politely suggested I change this post’s original title to avoid any offence…


4 thoughts on “Pics in the park

    • Ha! Yes, that kind of thing is so contrived. I suppose a naturalistic setting like the one we had restricts you to a naturalistic tone. Difficult to do ‘legs akimbo’ in a public park even if I wanted to…

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