The London Bloody Marathon


At the beginning of this year, at my mum’s suggestion, I signed up for the London 10K, which I’m running in three weeks’ time and have raised very nearly £600 towards. I was desperate to do something in memory of two friends and take the edge off at a very low point in my life.

Yesterday, I entered the ballot for the 2016 London Marathon.

What happens now:

In short, I try to forget about it for the next six months….

It’s actually very difficult to get a place through the public ballot because there are so many runners, and the number gets bigger every year. Most people get their places directly through charities. The Mind charity place applications open in June, so I’ll be applying via them too. They’ll ask me things like why I want to run for them, and how I intend to raise the – gulp – £1,700 minimum sponsorship (if you get a public ballot place, there’s no minimum sponsorship). In October, I’ll find out whether I’ve won a place either way. I’ll probably also have a medical checkup just to make sure my body can cope (I was an exceptionally premature baby and had oodles of difficult invasive surgery when I was barely out of the womb. I don’t want anything coming back to bite me while I’m running a distance which has killed people…).

Come what may, I’m also hoping to run a half-Marathon in October as I’ve raised enough money from the 10K to cover a charity place in that.

Aaaand, breathe…


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