Laid up

As anyone who follows me on Twitter probably knows and is sick of hearing, just over three weeks ago I injured the top of my foot. The best guess as to how is that I was wearing sandals too tightly for too long on a hot day which caused tendon damage. Within a couple of days, an annoying twinge became an unbearable, arbitrary, shooting pain which meant I could hardly walk. I went to minor injuries, was told it would heal within a week and fobbed off with painkillers which did nothing. A week later it was no better. I went back and was given an X-ray, which showed nothing. Last week I  still couldn’t leave the house and it had got worse, and swollen. I’ve tried bandaging, heat treatment and ice – none of them have done much. My Pilates teacher has very kindly started doing physio with me very recently which has helped but only temporarily so far. He thinks it’s a trigger point injury but can’t diagnose much more than that. The top of my foot is so sensitive it hurts to have my duvet resting on top of it at night, which makes sleeping an acrobatic torture experience. To add to the japes,I have dyspraxia, which makes me inordinately clumsy as it is, let alone when trying to balance on one leg. The only thing which enables me to walk properly for long is ibuprofen gel. In nearly a month, I haven’t left the house except to go to medical appointments, and once at the end of last week when I tearfully asked my dad to take me out for a drive just for some air. Two GPs at my local surgery have looked at it and haven’t a clue what it is but are concerned. I’m waiting on the results of a second X ray and blood test, and have been referred to the local muscular/skeletal service, which could take up to four weeks. I  feel helpless and am now completely dependent on my parents, who have already supported me enough through job loss, bereavement and business startup as it is. No-one has been able to give me a time-frame for healing so I don’t know how long it will be before I’m able to go out again. I’ve tried counting my blessings as much as possible (I have family to help me, it’s my foot rather than my hand that’s injured, I can still work, and I work from home a lot of the time, many people – including good friends, work associates and acquaintances – suffer far worse, far more chronically, etc etc) but the isolation is becoming very difficult and I’m concerned for my mental as much as physical health if this goes on much longer with no inkling of when it’s going to end. A couple of very kind friends have been to see me but I’ve had to cancel many other social engagements – I’m pretty good at making my own fun but I’ve reached a point where I’m becoming very lonely. Even by introvert standards only so much isolation is healthy. I’m also behind on work due to the worry and hassle. Some days the pain has meant taking a half day just to get washed and dressed. I just wanted to get this out as Twitter, Facebook and text can only convey so much of the stress of calculating every movement according to what will hurt the least.


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