The keyboard is pointier than the sword

An idea, inspired by my weekend:

An app which analyses your social media postings/blog posts and makes you pause and reflect before posting in anger. Uses algorithms to detect anger or frustration, then asks you the following yes/no/maybe prompts before deciding whether to display the status/tweet/post:

  • It looks like you’re very angry, sad or frustrated, and/or premenstrual. Are you sure you want to post this?
  • Has your anger been triggered/exacerbated by a specific person/people/conversation?
  • Are they likely to read this and recognise themselves as a trigger for your feelings? OR Can they, or anyone else, find this by googling your name? (if you’re writing somewhere anonymously and haven’t told them where it is, you at least have the defence that finding it will have taken some effort on their part and wasn’t a personal attack directly aimed at them…)
  • Are they physically proximate to you?
  • Are you sure they mean to hurt you or are you taking your general frustration out on them?
  • Would it be better if instead of posting this you vented your feelings by phone or email to someone else and then talked to the person concerned directly when you’re calmer?
  • Have you really got time for the possible emotional fallout of this? I mean, honestly?

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