The annual (?) return to Durham

I was going to set this entry aside until I’d done Useful Things, but my brain has spent a week in an anticlimatic stew, stubbornly refusing to compute that I’m back at home, and trying to do anything useful has been like swimming through honey. I’ve been back to Lovely Durham * twice previously since graduation (2010 and last year), but for some reason it’s never affected me quite as much as it did this time. The weather was glorious (largely how I remember it from undergrad, which may or may not be rose-tinted). I saw two of my dearest friends for an early 30th birthday celebration, did a presentation for work which went infinitely better than the one before it, and did some not-entirely-necessary but momentum-regaining research for my book. I was overwhelmed by how helpful and enthusiastic the student execs and alumni officers I contacted were about it. My old College’s alumni and development officer said I should write an article about the book for their alumni magazine when it’s published. Gulp. I am hoping that the work event in Northumberland which allowed me to make the trip will be repeated (I did a similar presentation this time last year, so it looks like being a regular fixture). Twitter has rather taken the wind out of my blogging sails but if you haven’t seen my Storify of tweets from/relating to my visit, here it is.

* I always call it Lovely Durham. The person whose recommendation made me apply there called it that in an email to me once, and it just stuck. Considering it was the most preposterously-made decision of my life, it worked out pretty well…


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