Notes on a scandal

I was going to say something about Monica Lewinsky’s return to public life and reflect on what the story looked like in my then-15-year-old mind, versus what I think now. Then I realised it could basically be summed up in a couple of sentences, namely, I don’t think anyone should be vilified for doing silly things in their twenties (see also, Peaches Geldof, Amy Winehouse, and my post the other day). I also don’t buy the line that she did it for her career as I don’t think anyone with intelligent career prospects thinks boffing someone they shouldn’t will help their career. And I don’t begrudge her for wanting a bit of moolah out of it now, since it made her virtually unemployable. While I’ve never done anything of the magnitude of blowing the leader of the free world, I can relate to a sense of being harmed by various kinds of involvement with “successful” people at a young age , and of wanting a resolve. I’m now reasonably satisfied I’ve found a way of achieving that without causing more harm to myself or others, and, very slowly, I’m getting there with it. Meanwhile, to quote a friend, “I don’t judge, because I’ve done twattish things.”

Speaking of media coverage, if you want an example of someone who really, really shouldn’t be getting any, there’s this. I’m generally the last person in the world to attack people for sharing their experiences. But sometimes, just sometimes, for the good of all blood pressures, a sane commissioning editor has a professional responsibility to say to someone: “Look, mate. You’re better off taking this to a therapist than talking to the media. I think you’ll get quite a lot of flack.” Any article featuring someone earning several times the average UK salary complaining about a fall in living standards should be in said category…


2 thoughts on “Notes on a scandal

  1. I mainly remember not being entirely sure what the press were talking about, as they were using euphemisms I didn’t know yet!

    • Haha! I was pretty clued-up by that point. I can’t remember how this conversation came about but my mum was practically floored with shock when at about that age I revealed I knew about flavoured condoms. She had her first shag at 15; I didn’t til undergrad for goodness sake! #TMI

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