A lick of paint

I’m back on my MacBook (*relieved face*) and waiting for the damage insurance to come through. I can’t stress enough, if you have a Mac, backup your entire system onto an external hard drive with Time Machine. I do, and it’s been an absolute lifesaver. It doesn’t take long, and you can do it in the background while you work. It saves your entire user profile, with all your installed applications and machine settings, as well as your documents, so that if your system crashes or you damage it, you can restore it to the point of backup as though nothing happened. I do mine weekly at a set time on a Sunday (and have a reminder in my phone and on my Mac so that I don’t forget). It is the single most wonderful piece of tech ever invented.

As you can probably tell, this blog has a new look. I know you’re probably reading this on a smartphone, and looking at a pretty website on a smartphone is like looking at a Monet through a fishbowl of your own vomit, but never mind. I’ve also noticed it’s had an increase in visitors recently. It’s an ‘increase’ from single to double figures but I’m going to make like George Osborne and declare this a triumph. I’m mainly putting it down to my friend, alias Black Dog Runner, who has linked to me with some very kind and beautiful words. Another very good friend kindly drew me the portrait in the header above. I feel that both these things represent another step in a long journey out of the shadows (sorry, it’s late in the day – my metaphors peak at 4pm, but you know what I mean…).

What else is new here? I’ve rewritten some of the pages, and added a new page with some info about my book and a (hopefully) intriguing excerpt. I’m still way behind schedule, but feeling more fired up to catch up and finish than I have done for months. In life generally: I’ve celebrated some 30ths, planned my own (of which you’ll be hearing more than you probably want to in the coming months), and am hoping I can finally catch a break with my business plans now that I’ve finally entirely accepted I can’t live off journalism alone. (*crosses everything crossable*)


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