My Week In Links (Festive Edition)

“Join the others in the bar by ten. Peace and goodwill to men. Me missing you again; that’ll be Christmas…” That’ll Be Christmas, Thea Gilmore

The last link roundup til January. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas/holiday season.

  • Watt On Earth At my good friend’s annual Christmas shindig at the weekend, the discussion turned to kids’ TV nostalgia (of course). We all (well, those of us in our late-20s/early30s) remembered this early 90s sci-fi show on Children’s BBC about an alien who comes to earth disguised as a human, hiding from his evil uncle’s top henchman, written by current Doctor Who writers Pip and Jane Baker. It all looks different through adult eyes (a man in a shellsuit befriends a kid and implores him not to tell his mum…hmmm…) but it’s good fun. And frankly, worth it just for the title graphics and the mother’s hair. Also, the kid’s family run a local newspaper. (I’ve worked out the origin of my wanting to be a journalist is that every kids’ TV show featured characters who worked on a newspaper and it sounded like fun…)
  • And here it is sung by a group of Irish women who look like relief newsreaders on Channel Five…
  • Hyperbole and a Half I know I already link to it in my blogroll but my lovely friend got me the book for Christmas!!! We were coerced into opening our presents early and I’m glad I did because it made my evening! I’ll write more about it when I’ve read it all; I’ve had to reign myself in so I don’t finish it all before Christmas has even started…

And my Christmas Music playlist…


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