My Week In Links (December, Week 2)

A bit of a breezy one this week, because thoughts are in a million places at once:

  • The final minutes of East German state TV in 1992  A friend sent me this little piece of my heritage. At midnight. If he wasn’t gay I’d marry him (yes, I think my marriage criteria can basically be whittled down to “likes watching mesmerisingly awful things on the internet late at night…”)
  • Best Responses To Sexist Insults Inspired by the Twitter account @EverydaySexism, which I’ve come close to unfollowing so many times because it upsets me so much. I think my personal favourite is: “A friend heard a guy shout ‘Sit on my face!’ at a girl who replied ‘Why, is your nose bigger than your dick?’
  • Birgitte Hjort Sorensen (Katrine from Borgen) on Woman’s Hour No more Borgen (sniff…) but plenty more to see of the cast, by the sounds of things. For those who didn’t watch Borgen, Katrine is a journalist who flits between highly-paid jobs like it’s 1997, despite a love life so complicated it would render most people unfit for anything but listening to jazz on the sofa all day…
  • Susan Boyle ‘relieved’ by Aspergers Diagnosis As a late-diagnosed dyspraxic, I can imagine that. I can imagine it’s not entirely a relief; that there’s a lot of anger, reframing and many what-ifs in there too. But it explains a lot. Bravo for her.
  • Brown’s Hotel The venue for one of this week’s Masterchef semi-finals. And of a couple of memorable (memorable inasmuch as the wine came with water…) sojourns in my life. I mentioned in passing that I’d been there and that the bar is named after Donovan and lined with his portraits. Some familial confusion ensued over whether I meant Terence, Donovan Leitch or Jason…
  • Official Website of the Countess of Lucan: Setting The Record Straight I watched the first part of ITVs drama Lucan this week for reasons largely owing to Christopher Eccleston and someone’s child, knowing next to nothing about the case. After reading this – and Lynn Barber’s astonishing interview with John Aspinall – I was fascinated. And pretty saddened. Don’t, whatever you do, read the crackers Radio Times puff-piece where Roy Kinnear describes Lord Lucan as a “kind, generous man.” And a warning: if you haven’t seen the drama yet, it makes Tennessee Williams look like CBeebies…
  • Peter O’Toole: All aboard the Guinness bus? I really want this anecdote to be true. It certainly beats mine of: “He came to see a play that I went to while he was in the BBC’s Casanova, and walked past me in the dark outside the stage door. I didn’t recognise him and wondered why everyone else had gone quiet…” 

2 thoughts on “My Week In Links (December, Week 2)

    • I’m not sure; I think a staffer clarified somewhere in the comments that it was a mixture of both but I can’t remember. But if not then the skewing would definitely make sense. Especially the bit about “sense of entitlement”…someone who can afford £40/50 an hour may well have one, I’m not sure that speaks for society as a whole…

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